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Enhancing Community Resilience and Adaptation programs


The Centre for Climate Change and Environment Management (CCCEM) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization NGO) formed in 2013 to address challenges that climate change has brought and will bring to the Malawi environment and the world at large.

CCCEM’s main focus is to locate, rescue and digitize all historical climate data currently at risk on perishable media from independent/voluntary weather/rainfall stations and make those digitized data available for national development in support of the Disaster Risk Management Policy as well as to make this data available to the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) in updating their database where necessary.
The rescued data will also be made available to the scientific, research and education communities nationally, regionally and globally before it is too late.

CCCEM is also aiming at bringing together all Voluntary/independent weather/rainfall stations so that Climate Change Resilience is addressed in a standardized Manner through technological based interventions.

Our work will be done in collaboration with other stakeholders (partners) who share the same
objectives, nationally, regionally and internationally in the benefit of multiple sectors including Water, Health, Energy, Agriculture and Food Security, Disaster Management and additional sectors as approved by the Global Flame works for Climate Services (GFCS, WMO).
Our approach shall ensure that observers are producing reliable data (as per the World 
Meteorology Organization (WMO) Standards) that can effectively support economic development.

CCCEM intends to achieve this by training and assisting voluntary weather and rainfall recorders in establishing or improving their stations for long term climatic data collection in continuation of data rescue goals.

CCCEM in-country program teams will encourage collaboration between societies in the fight against climate change by improving information sharing and encouraging climate related research. We will support this collaboration by providing climate related education awareness campaigns in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, community based organisations and the local communities.


CCCEM’s mission is to make Meteorological, Climate Change and
Environmental Management knowledge available to everyone and for everyone for sustainable and socioeconomic development of Malawi and beyond. We are here to be a leader in the pursuit of rescuing (imaging), digitizing and sharing historical Meteorological and environmental data for the purpose of analyses and prediction, before it’s lost forever. To develop data rescue applications and systems and
make these available for the National development in support of the Disaster Risk Management Policy. To make these systems and applications available for use by anyone with a vested interest-from the Meteorologist, Environmental science researcher, the education world, the farmer and the common man.


CCCEM’s vision is therefore to be the leading organizations in linking environmental institutions; to learn, educate, and build capacity and share knowledge towards best practice guidelines for improved climate risk management so as to eradicate hunger, poverty and deceases.

This is a reforestation and eco-awareness project which begins with a 6-week tree planting event and followed by an ongoing campaign to inspire awareness about deforestation, climate change, tree planting, environmental sustainability and alternative energy sources.

Mr. M. Mukhondia, CCCEM's Executive Director 

Shadrick Banda ,Educating the youth about climate change 


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 Integrity,
 Compassion
 Transparent
 Accountable
 Excellence
 Good linkages and networking with stakeholders in development
 Independent and Non partisan
 Respect for people’s rights